Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Middle East Needs Restructure

The middle east is one of the most active places on earth. It is an Area which is related to oil, violence, Terrorism and so many other things. The question that always comes to my mind is why is this Area so volatile. What is the reason that peace eludes this region

When I look into the question one thing that surely comes high is Oil. The Oil definitely brings in outside interference and the forces do interfere to keep their interests protected. This definitely is a major reason but does not answer the question completely. There must be some other reason

For that let's look back into the history. Most of the Middle east was under the Ottoman Empire. Some of it was under British Empire or Influence. USSR also had many Muslim countries under it while Iran and Persia we Independent but under sphere's of Influence. Being under so many different areas meant that their rulers had their influence, but also meant that the boundaries between countries were made by sword and not by people

Even though the rulers kept changing but the boundaries of countries we still very much based on old times. This meant Iraq was basically a country formed of Kurds in north, Sunni's in Centre and Shia's in South. While Kurds were Divided in Turk Ruled Turkey, British Influenced Iraq and Independent Iran.
Similarly many countries are made up of many races. This includes Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan. It also meant that many Ethnic group divided across countries like Kurds, Baloch's, Shia's, Azerbaijani's and so many more

So the nations who built the boundaries used this exact thing to instal Kings or Dictators in countries. They would support a Ethnic group's leader as a King. He would favor this people and through them rule the whole country. In this way to the outsider if the King or Dictator would try to go his way, they would pull back the support and support somebody else and King's rule in danger. So the King or Dictator would agree to the outside force as his survival depended on him

Also in case people of country rose against the dictator and try to establish democracy, it would mean deep differences in country based on Ethnic lines or Tribal factor. This can be easily seen in many democracies that have just been formed after Arab Spring

What actually needs to be done is to form countries based on one Ethnicity. This would help the country to get over differences of Ethnicity and fight over real issues. The above map depicts a rough way in which the new nations need to be formed. Offcourse the boundaries here are very coarse and I just wanted to give an rough cut idea

The rough cut map of Middle East based on Ethnic Group

This will not happen overnight but surely one by one countries would be broken on formed on same lines. The sooner it happen, sooner it will bring peace to every trouble Middle East

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